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A story: A business starts with a small but capable team to disrupt an industry. The business is easy; decisions are made with judgement. HR, accounts and records are kept on Spreadsheets and simple Cloud Apps. Managing performance is easy, it's visible as are all the staff that drive it. Clients love the refreshing agility, innovation and flexibility.

Growing to an annual turnover of £200m the exec team is exhausted and spread too thin. Mistakes are made, work slows, growth stalls and key people depart leaving knowledge gaps. Consultants are hired to tell you how other companies do things... Soon there's a raft of new software solutions and processes - the same used by the competition. Operational processes are de-skilled and must work around the software. Credit risk and procurement begin to fall in-line with 'best practice' and the storm appears to clear. Then a new challenger arrives who is agile, innovative...

This story plays-out every day in businesses globally, with innovation and agility traded for growth. We want to break the cycle.

The best consultants for your business already work for you, we offer a partnership that twins to give growth traction for the long-term.


We have out-the-box products ready to bolt-on to your business quickly. In addition we have in-house development teams ready to tackle your specific challenges with peerless speed.


We build and manage our own technology using our own IP and infrastructure. For dedicated projects we share the IP created to ensure you maintain a competitive advantage.


We operate with a global supply chain letting us quite literally 'work around the clock'. Your dedicated Account Manager will bring experience of your sector to work with you in tandem.

Hidcot is a CSA Member
Committed to preventing fraud
PCI-DSS Compliant
Cyber Essentials certified
ISO9001 certified
ISO27001 certified


Behavioural Analytics

Our proprietary Socio-demographic scoring systems can work in silo or twin with your data to contextualise customer behaviour.

Carbon Reduction

Real-world solutions to track GHG emissions, target and deliver improvements.


Due-diligence for both before and after on-boarding together anti-fraud tools backed by our in-house systems and data.

Market Intelligence & IP Protection

For our enterprise clients we offer unique services to track the technological footprints of competitors and safeguard your IP.

Credit Management

Extend credit easier, and recover money quicker. From credit scoring all the way to debt recovery.

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We have a wide range of products and capabilities to offer what your business needs. All conversations happen under NDAs and we focus on understanding your business and its needs.

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Intelligence Capability

Intelligence Capability

Wide Intelligence

Our systems are mining, collating and combining millions of records each day in a way that is unique to us. Joined together our data can support any stage of the credit management journey; from supporting bespoke credit risk management to grading and segmenting debt tranches. We know the historical and present physical presence, financial health and associations of all companies in North America, UK and Europe and we will know if this changes, or is likely to.

> 900 datasets

Proprietary data with >2bn active records.

> 29 countries

Data that covers a growing number of countries.

Resilience & Security

We operate our own servers in South-East England utilising the latest technology, twinned with leading Cloud providers. Dual network and power provision with back-up generators, evaporative cooling systems, 24/7 security and no single point of failure give us the confidence to offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

Strict segregation polices keep client-data safe and within their geographic region, managed through our own ISO27001-certified approach together with an ISO27001-certified supply chain.

By utilising the latest technology evaporative cooling system and transformerless UPS our datacentre achieves a PuE or power usage efficiency of just 1.19. This means that for every 1MW of IT load only 1.19MW of power is required to power these systems. This makes our facilities some of the most energy efficient in the UK thus reducing our environmental impact.



NDAs are immediately available on request


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